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Film Support

Film Support

Glacier City has supported film production for over 15 years.

Your site location experts will be impressed with the rugged Alaskan backdrops and thoroughly satisfied with our expertise and knowledge of film support in the Alaskan backcountry. Our experienced guides are key when it comes to risk management in the Alaskan backcountry.

The Fixer

With 21 years in Girdwood, “Twirl” (owner) has the resourcefulness to get what you need.

“I know Who, What Where, and How to get things you’ll need, and what is reasonable and customary to pay. I am very dialed in to Anchorage’s resources as well.”


- 21 years exploring the Alaska Backcountry
- 44 years of Nordic and Alpine Skiing
- 15 years of ice climbing
- 15 years owner operator Glacier City Snowmobile tours
- Snowshoeing, snow caves and igloo building, ice cave and iceberg adventure,
- On camera talent
- Proper safety and handling techniques for snowmobile operating
- Safely driving cameramen on snowmobiles as they film


- CPR advanced first aid
- 15 years weather forecasting in Girdwood (for snowmobile tour operation)
- Avalanche awareness instructor
- Ongoing onsite risk management awareness
- Satellite and cell phones with laminated emergency call list.
- Radios for on sight communication

Film/production Experience

- Labatt’s Beer 1997 (support)
- American Eagle Outfitters 2005 (support)
- Bizarre Foods Alaska 2007 (support/acting)
- Les Stroud Survivorman 2008 (support/acting/stuntman)
- US Marshalls Alaska 2009 (support)

The following gear is available with proper notice:

My experience has shown you will probably need 3-5 snowmobiles and gear for support during certain days of filming or seeking sight locations.

Available Gear

- Several backcountry emergency packs
- 21 snowmachines in great shape.
- Two 8 passenger Chevy Suburbans (Maybe available but no guarantee)
- 4 towable toboggans for hauling gear by snowmobile
- 60 arctic snowsuits All sizes and colors
- 50 pairs of Bunny Boots (The warmest)
- Dozens of gloves, goggles, helmets, neck gaitors.


Chris “Twirl” Roberts  (owner)
- $450 per day. Weekly rate $2100 (5-ten hr. days)
- Glacier City’s Guides $350 day
- Snowmobile: $240 per machine, per day, includes gas, maintenance, and proper instruction.

Included with billable rates

- All pre-production hours spent on your project leading up to the day that you arrive.
- Any suits or boots and gear needed.
- Toboggans, radios, Satellite phone, goggles, fuel, shovels, and all extra backcountry gear that I customarily provide or carry.

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Chris Roberts
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