Alaska Film Support

In addition to being a wonderful area to go on snowmobile tours, Alaska is a go to spot for photography, film, and reality TV shows. We have hosted multitudes of filmmakers, photography projects, and reality TV networks – serving as invaluable consultants to those that need help meandering through the Alaskan backcountry. We are the “Fixer”, permit/logistics specialist, Rescue, First Aid, and Production Assistant provider all in one!

We have in-depth knowledge and experience in regards to film support and risk management, so we can help you throughout the entire process. To further understand our qualifications, just check out the work history of our work in film support – remember you can always contact us with any questions you may have. Rates are subjective and we can provide and estimate of our services once the scope of project is defined. A 50% deposit is required to secure a work contract with our team and the remains 50% with adjustment due after project completion.


  • NFPA Swift Water Rescue Instructor, Swift Water Technician, White Water Technician
  • NFPA Advanced Ice Rescue
  • NFPA Technical Rope Rescue
  • WMTC Wilderness First responder, CPR, AED
  • 35 years exploring the Alaska Backcountry
  • 47 years of Nordic and Alpine Skiing
  • 18 years of ice climbing
  • 25 years operations at Glacier City Snowmobile Tours
  • ,
  • On camera talent
  • Proper safety and handling techniques for snowmobile operating
  • Safely driving cameramen on snowmobiles, UTV or specialized equipment – as they film


  • CPR advanced first aid
  • 18 years weather forecasting in Girdwood (for snowmobile tour operation)
  • Avalanche awareness instructor
  • Ongoing onsite risk management awareness
  • Satellite and cell phones with laminated emergency call list.
  • Radios for on sight communication

Film & Production Experience

  • Labatt’s Beer 1997 (support)
  • American Eagle Outfitters 2005 (support)
  • Bizarre Foods Alaska 2007 (support/acting)
  • Les Stroud – Survivorman 2008 (support/acting/stuntman)
  • US Marshalls Alaska 2009 (support)
  • Frankenstein Theory (Movie) 2010
  • LL Bean Catalog shoot 2011
  • Roxi clothing catalog shoot 2012
  • Wild West Guns Film Shoot 2013
  • Kashi Cereal commercial 2013
  • Verizon commercial 2014
  • Oscar-Meyer 2016
  • Jim Beam 2016
  • Discovery Channel Homestead Rescue 2017/2018
  • BBC Chasing Ice 2019
  • Duluth Trading Co. 2020
  • Filson Winter Catalog 2021
  • Discovery Gold Rush: White Water Season 5 2021
  • Altr’d State Winter Catalog 2022
  • Nat Geo’s Life Below Zero 2022

The following gear is available with proper notice:
My experience has shown you will probably need 3-5 snowmobiles and gear for support during certain days of filming or seeking sight locations. Ask about our UTV package for navigating areas with winter and summer conditions, adding a moto-crane for filming while moving, or crew/equipment transportation.

Available Gear

  • Several backcountry emergency packs, backboards, evac toboggan
  • 40 snow machines in great shape
  • 15 passenger, 4wd one ton van
  • 8 passenger 4wd Yukon
  • 6 Passenger 4wd F-250
  • 6 passenger 4wd GMC 2500
  • 4 towable toboggans for hauling gear by snowmobile
  • 60 arctic snowsuits All sizes and colors
  • 50 pairs of Bunny Boots (The warmest)
  • Dozens of gloves, goggles, helmets, neck gaiters.


  • All pre-production hours spent on your project leading up to the day that you arrive.
  • Any suits or boots and gear needed.
  • Toboggans, radios, Satellite phone, goggles, fuel, shovels, and all extra backcountry gear that I customarily provide or carry.
  • Glacier City Snowmobile Tours LLC. – $1,000,000 liability $2,000,000 aggregate insurance